Thursday, 27 February 2014

Oh my goodness ! Just doing some my admin on my website and thought to take a look at my Blog. I haven't put an update for over a YEAR !! Just shows how how crazily busy I've been. If you keep track of my Facebook page  you will see I certainly haven't been idle.
Cakepops are really popular in Singapore at the moment and I have enjoyed great success since launching Cute Cake Pops in Singapore last year.
I've had all sorts of orders- many of which have been Despicable Minions Cakepops ! 2013 was the YEAR OF THE MINION ! It will be interesting to see if they prove as popular this year or maybe FROZEN cakepops will take over ?!
I have lots of plans for this year to expand my range. After swearing that I would never EVER make fondant cakes- I have started making Fondant Cakes :)  I'm hoping I will be able to create some very different cakes using my various skills  and incorporate my cakepops as well.
I have just received a shipment of beautiful decorative sprinkles which will make my Sprinkle Range unique in Singapore. The sprinkles look like tiny little pearls in all sorts of gorgeous colours .
Hopefully I will have a few minutes in the future to blog again and not leave it for 12 months !It's true that time flies when you are enjoying yourself :)

Here are just a few of the many orders I did last year :

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lego Order February 2013

It's February already !!! The weeks just seem to rush by these days.
Cute Cakepops has been busy with some amazing orders.
When I was a little girl my absolute favourite thing to do was to play with my Lego.Such a serious Lego-lover was I, that I even belonged to the Lego Club ! I loved building houses and hospitals , whole little towns full of little Lego people. Now that I have children of my own I have to admit that I get such a thrill when I see them playing with their Lego.
Another Lego fan is 7 year old Ben.
His Mum asked me to make up some Lego Cakepops . I would have loved some of these when I was his age ! Happy Birthday Ben - I hope everyone gave you LEGO for your Birthday !
Click here if you'd like to place an order.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I hardly know where to begin.....I started advertising Cute Cakepops (now relocated to Singapore) on Google and Facebook just before Christmas and the reaction has been amazing. I have been swamped with orders and am exhausted !!! But at the same time loving all the hard work, creativity and fun that goes into each and every single order.
I have had some wonderful requests for new themes, some things I have never heard of !! I have developed some amazing new techniques and acquired gadgets which allow me to expand my repertoire and skills, so much to do and never enough time .
Take a look at my website to see all my new designs online !
Here are some images my favourite orders completed in the past 2 weeks :

Angry Birds :

Ben 10

New Year Chicks :

Despicable Me Minions :
New Year Celebration :
4th Birthday Party : 
Manchester United Birthday Theme : 

Pink & Purple Swirls :
 Purple Sugar Crystal Birthday Cakepops :
Super Hero Cakepops :

Friday, 12 October 2012

Well here I Singapore !!! I've been here two and a half months now, just moved into my house,nearly finished unpacking, and just about ready to start Cake-Popping !
Can't wait to spend time being creative and having fun with some new ideas. Singapore is so different from The Netherlands, full of different foods, designs and people who LOVE TO EAT .
People of Singapore- send your orders now !

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hawaii Theme

This weeks Cakepops order was for a Hawaiian Theme- Hula Hula Girls  -take a look at the end product. I love it ! Hope the customer does too !!!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chocolate-Free Cakepops

My latest order was a special request  for a child attending a school where they don't allow any chocolate ! A bit of a challenge for me as I have made cakepops with choc-free filling but they have always been dipped in a chocolate coating. Thank goodness I came up with a suitable alternative- confectioners' icing - very tricky process - but a successful result in the end . Whew !!
So now... I present my latest addition to the CUTE CAKEPOPS repertoire - Chocolate-Free Cakepops . Yay !!!!!

Welcome to 2012

Dear Cakepops Lovers- Happy 2012 ! I'm a bit late getting back to my blog. Been on vacation in South Africa for a whole month over Xmas and New Year and I've been sooooooooooo busy since I got back home . Workshops are filling up nicely and Valentines day is going to be really special for a whole load of people who are treated to all the cakepops being made at the Valentine Workshops !
Hope you are have a fabulous year !!!