Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I hardly know where to begin.....I started advertising Cute Cakepops (now relocated to Singapore) on Google and Facebook just before Christmas and the reaction has been amazing. I have been swamped with orders and am exhausted !!! But at the same time loving all the hard work, creativity and fun that goes into each and every single order.
I have had some wonderful requests for new themes, some things I have never heard of !! I have developed some amazing new techniques and acquired gadgets which allow me to expand my repertoire and skills, so much to do and never enough time .
Take a look at my website to see all my new designs online !
Here are some images my favourite orders completed in the past 2 weeks :

Angry Birds :

Ben 10

New Year Chicks :

Despicable Me Minions :
New Year Celebration :
4th Birthday Party : 
Manchester United Birthday Theme : 

Pink & Purple Swirls :
 Purple Sugar Crystal Birthday Cakepops :
Super Hero Cakepops :