Thursday, 27 February 2014

Oh my goodness ! Just doing some my admin on my website and thought to take a look at my Blog. I haven't put an update for over a YEAR !! Just shows how how crazily busy I've been. If you keep track of my Facebook page  you will see I certainly haven't been idle.
Cakepops are really popular in Singapore at the moment and I have enjoyed great success since launching Cute Cake Pops in Singapore last year.
I've had all sorts of orders- many of which have been Despicable Minions Cakepops ! 2013 was the YEAR OF THE MINION ! It will be interesting to see if they prove as popular this year or maybe FROZEN cakepops will take over ?!
I have lots of plans for this year to expand my range. After swearing that I would never EVER make fondant cakes- I have started making Fondant Cakes :)  I'm hoping I will be able to create some very different cakes using my various skills  and incorporate my cakepops as well.
I have just received a shipment of beautiful decorative sprinkles which will make my Sprinkle Range unique in Singapore. The sprinkles look like tiny little pearls in all sorts of gorgeous colours .
Hopefully I will have a few minutes in the future to blog again and not leave it for 12 months !It's true that time flies when you are enjoying yourself :)

Here are just a few of the many orders I did last year :