Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Workshops - Progress

I have now given two Christmas Workshops and have another one next week . I am loving teaching everyone to make cakepops ! Here are some pictures of one of the workshops kindly sent to me by Mona who made some beautiful Cakepops.

Everyone did really well and I think they surprised themselves with the beautiful creations they took home with them .
I have scheduled more Workshops for next year. Starting with Valentines Theme at the end of January , then Childrens Party Pops from mid February to March. Easter Cakepop Workshops will be held March/April.
Please take a look at the Workshop Availability
page on the website for more information.

More Allergy Free Cakepops

This order was for a little girl turning 4. The cakepops were for her classmates at playschool, some of them have various allergies so the cakepops were perfect for everyone to enjoy .
I have managed to make the Allergy free Cakepops even more beautiful and exciting . These ones have a smooth pink pearly finish with a swirl of pink glitter - very Girly !
I can do them in all sorts of colours so they could be suitable for boys as well.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sparkles and Glitter

Gold and Silver Cakepops - with edible glitter swirls. These cakepops are so stunning you hardly want to eat them ! But then again- they taste fabulous so you just have to !!

Catching Up

These last few months have been so hectic for me- lots going on with Cute cakepops as well as family life at home.
I have had a few more "Allergy Free" orders and am happy to report they have been successful and thoroughly enjoyed by adults and children. Here is a pic of some of the latest one :

Halloween was also a new projsct for Cute cakepops- I made Chocolate cakepops dipped in
orange chocolate flavoured with cherry- Yummy !!! Here were my Pumpkin creations :

Getting ready for Christmas !

This week I've been making the most beautiful little Xmas Cakepops- they really are adorable !

After many requests I have decided to start giving workshops on how to make cakepops.
I will be giving courses for adults to begin with - starting with a Christmas Theme Workshop !
See this page for more info ! 
I'm really excited about it . A new baking supply shop has opened in my suburb and it has a lovely Demo room which I will be using to give my workshops .So exciting !!!
The shop is called Cake,Bake,Love in Voorburg. The lovely owner Esther will help you find everything you need for baking and decorating cakes. 

Christmas Cakepops

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Slideshow Previous Orders

Here is a slideshow of some previous orders - hope you enjoy it !

Dora Cakepops

This awesome cakepop display was made for a 3 year olds' Birthday party. The Cakepops are filled with Chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting. The cakepops are dipped  in chocolate and then the face is painted on by hand- all in chocolate !!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Allergy Free Cakepops

This order was for The Windmill Pre-School's 10th Anniversary !
As in most schools nowadays there are a number of pupils who have various allergies so I wanted to create a new cakepop which would cater for the most common allergies.
I have successfully made Egg-Free cakepops before but was a bit nervous to tackle Nut, Gluten and Dairy all at once !
After many hours spent in the kitchen and a lot of research I was able to come up with an Allergy-Free Cakepop .
The brown cakepops in this display are free of Nuts, Gluten, Egg and Dairy . They were delicious and ALL the children enjoyed them !
Cute Cakepops is proud to present its latest addition to the range : Allergy Free Cakepops